「“Study in Japan, work in Japan”」

We provide the necessary support for international students studying Japanese in Japan.
From over 800 Japanese language schools, we will select the most suitable school for international students and provide procedures and support.
We will do our best to provide support for Japanese language learning that will lead to a deep understanding of Japanese culture and society and future career advancement.

Strengths of our service

・Consultation available at Japanese language schools nationwide
・The industry's largest network
・Reliable support from Japan and Nepalese
・We will also follow up on life in Japan
・ You can also consult about your career after graduating from school!

Benefits of studying in Japan

Japan is rich in culture and history, beautiful nature, and safe and clean cities.
There are many attractions such as a culture that combines tradition and the latest technology, and a world-famous food culture.
It is also attracting attention as a place for international exchange because of the thoughtfulness and hospitality of the people who warmly welcome foreigners.

・Student life in a safe and secure environment.
・Experience a high level of education and a unique culture and history.
・Advanced research is progressing in many fields, and you can come into contact with cutting-edge technology and knowledge.
・You can make international connections and friends because many international students gather from home and abroad.

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