We handle all types of visas according to the situation

There are various types of visas for foreigners to work in Japan.
At Lead to JAPAN, it is possible to handle visas that match the human resources.
We will carefully listen to the conditions for working in Japan and the needs of the company, and make proposals that are close to both parties, so that mismatches do not occur.
In addition, we will follow up with experts from visa application to before and after joining the company.

Collaboration with sending organizations and universities in Nepal

The human resources database provided by Lead to JAPAN is based on partnerships with sending organizations approved by the Nepalese government, universities in Nepal, and Japanese language schools.
By working closely with these reliable networks, we have a large database of job seekers.
That is why we can introduce many people who want to work in Japan.

Why Nepalese are good?

The people of Nepal are pro-Japanese, but at the same time, they are serious, have a strong sense of responsibility, are eager to learn, and are cheerful.
They are also respectful of different cultures and are highly regarded as honest and reliable personnel.
These characteristics can play a very important role in living and working in Japan.
The spirit of helping people in need is very deeply rooted, so there are many people who are full of hospitality.

Regarding visas for foreigners to work

In order for foreigners to work in Japan, it is necessary to obtain a visa.
There are several types, but the main three are:

【Technical, Cultural, and International Visas】

This is commonly called a work visa.
This visa is for foreign workers with advanced skills and expertise to work in Japan.

【Specified skill visa】

A visa for foreign workers newly introduced in Japan, issued to foreigners with specialized skills and knowledge in a specific occupation.
There are two types of “Specified Skilled Worker No. 1” and “Specified Skilled Worker No. 2” that differ for each field, and currently 14 fields are designated.

【technical intern visa】

This visa allows you to work at a Japanese company or organization in order to learn technical knowledge and skills in Japan. It mainly targets practical training in the manufacturing, agriculture, and construction industries.
The aim is to contribute to the economic development of your own country after returning to your home country by acquiring skills and techniques.
The visa is valid for up to 5 years.




Construction industry


Car maintenance

We have a recruitment process tailored to each visa.
In addition to visa acquisition and immigration procedures, we also provide support in daily life.

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